Antonio Grimaldi: Private Viewing

I was invited to a private viewing of Antonio Grimaldi collection earlier last week at a friend’s house.

The viewing included different sketches of different styles for evening and bridal dresses

The style varies between simple fabrics used in a very elegant way to embroidered ones with use of different accessories such as leather, crystals, chains, and more

 He also showed us simpler sketches and pictures from runway and fashion shows to his catalog – those styles were my favorite! They were so simple yet so elegant and chic

What I also liked is that he came prepared… he had different fabric swatches and different materials for us to check

As well as bridal collection material, fabrics, sketches, and more more pictures

He was so friendly and sweet! We talked about fashion, Kuwait, style, fabrics…. he was so happy sharing his own views, giving his own openion, and doin on-spot sketches! He was answering all of our questions and sharing insight! Very down to earth

I conducted a mini (very short) interview with him while he was showcasing his collection to us

*How often do you visit Kuwait? How many times have you been here?


I have been to Kuwait so many times. I would say I visit Kuwait once a year (sometimes twice). I love this country and I love the people of Kuwait.


*How would you describe the style of Kuwaiti women?


They are up-to-date with fashion and very elegant and stylish! I have seen so many during my visit and when dealing with my clients. They are into fashion! I like it when I see them driving in the street with their big sunglasses on! Its beautiful


*How can your existing and prospective customers reach you?


They can check my website to view all my collection. All the information is on my business card (and he handed me one).

His store is located in Largo di Torre Argentina, 11-00186 Roma – Italy – Tel: +39 06 681 341 89 – Fax: +39 06 681 325 37



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