AlMarsam AlHur Exhibition @GalleryTilal

قمت بزيارة جاليري التلال الأسبوع الماضي بعد أن قال لي عمي الفنان محمود الرضوان أنه مشارك بالمعرض بإحدى لوحاته. المعرض فيه العديد من اللوحات والمقتنيات لفنانين عديدين، و من حسن حظي صادفت الفنان سامي محمد هناك بالمعرض و سولفت معاه عن الفن بشكل عام و طلع صديق لأبي من زمان – المعرض حاليا في التلال و سيستمر إلى ٢ فبراير ٢٠١٢

I passed by AlMarsam AlHur Exhibition at Gallery AlTilal last week after my uncle told me that he is participating with one of his paintings… since I am into art, why not pass by and check the exhibition out 😉

The exhibition contains timeless pieces of various BIG artists… I took a walk around with my camera and snapped some pictures of different art pieces. Those pictures below are for Artist Khalifa AlQattan

Artist Abdullah AlSalem

Few more for Artist Ayoub Hussein – he is famous for his folklore flavor

 Moving on to the other side

A few sculptures by Artist Abdulhameed Ismail

 A painting called “Joy” By Artist Sabeeha Bishara

More sculptures (couldnt get the names of all artists to be honest – sorry)

Artist Suad AlEssa paintings

Artist Jassim Bu Hamad pieces below

Artist Jawad Bushiri sculptures

Forgot to take a note of the paintings below, but if I’m not mistaken its for Artist AlQassar… quite interesting pieces

Those few pieces below are the work of Artist Khazaal AlQaffas

More sculptures by Artist Abdulaziz AlHashash

My dear Uncle’s painting called Failaka – Artist Mahmoud AlRadwan

And the highlight of the day… I ran into the fabulous artist, Sami Mohammed, himself in the gallery! I was so happy to have a quick chit-chat with him!

I approached him and introduced myself… he immediately knew who my father was (saying I was a carbon copy of him) I’ve always known that my dad is a fan of his work, but never knew that they actually knew each other! I was thrilled

And thats Artist Sami Mohammed

You can drop by the exhibition and check it out… it will be held till February 2nd 2012


For more, you can check out Gallery AlTilal Website (link) and follow them on twitter @GalleryTilal



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