W/C Signs

One of the things that I collect (digitally that is) is pictures -random ones- of W/C signs around the world!

Those are from Angelina Cafe in Paris… and a zoomed-in image

This one below is from Bounjourno! My friend DJF took it for me since he knew I collect such pictures 😉 Very creative… ohh I want Gingerbread Man biscuit now

Elvis and Marilyn at Marina Residence…

I forgot where my friend Beeka snapped the picture below, but I searched for the word “Wahine” and it is from New Zealand! But I’m not sure

Shadia in Abu ElSeid in Cairo, Egypt

JW Marriott Hotel bathroom signs in Kuwait City

Beit Al Sadu – Kuwait

Diep  Chinese Restaurant in Paris (link)

I forgot this one…. could be in Paris, but cannot remember where

AlKout Mall – Kuwait

I have more to share…. in another post maybe 😉

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