tuttimelon Froyo in Hong Kong

Mimmi and I snacked on different things while in HK! We usually have a full breakfast, a snack or lunch, and then dinner… this time it was tuttimelon for some froyo 😉 The place screams froyo! I mean with all the froyo spots opening around the world… so what’s so special about this one?

You pick a cup, dispense the froyo flavor(s) of your choice, add toppings, weigh it, pay, and YUMMM… eat 😉 Fun!

This is my cup… my BIG cup!

We tried almost all flavors available and settled for; Peach, Pink Guava, Strawberry/Coconut mix, Almond, Honey Rose, and Taro! We asked the sales lady there about taro and she said it was a sweet vegetable. We tried it and instantly fell in love with it

I loved all flavors so much! The texture is creamy and rich in flavor! I specially liked the almond, peach, honey rose, and taro… the rest was good too!


The yogurt was really good and hit the spot just right… I needed energy that day and it worked for me 😉 Staff members were happy and cheerful, just like the whole ambiance of the place itself, bright and all

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