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A while back I got a package from AlGhalia in Bahrain containing three sets of Trind Natural Nail Care

First one is a set called Natural Beautiful containing; Cuticle Balsam, Nail Repair, and Hand Repair cream.

Second one is called French Manicure Natural… the name explains it all, a French Manicure set containing; Base Coat, French White, and a Top Coat

Last one is Perfect Cuticle & Nail Set; Cuticle Balsam, Nail Balsam, and Nail Repair.

And a presentation of the products they have under the brand name Trind, how to use the products, and nail care in general

I have been giving my nails a break from color in between my Mani/Pedi appointments… so I have been using the balsams… I also have the lotion with me in my bag! I carry it daily.. it has a soft scent which does not bother me at all since I go for soft or scent-less lotions. It is also very moisturizing and nourishing, specially during the cold dry weather these days!

I have also taken my sets with me to my favorite Nail Spa – Nail It – to have it professionally done and applied 😉 Plus… they have also once announced on Read It that they have the Trind Keratin and some other Trind products 😉 So they are familiar with the brand! (link)


So… here is what I think!


The hand repair cream I carry with me is amazing! I am in love with it. As I said, the scent is not too strong – which works perfectly for me. Its very enriching and it leaves my hands soft and moist.


The balsams… both the cuticle and nail balsams, are good! They help so much with dryness on both areas; the nail itself, and the cuticle with all the baggage that comes with it (hang nails & co 😛 ) My nails were breaking at the tips, and they are usually more on the short side (I hate very long nails) so the nail balsam helped with strengthening the nails a bit.


As for the Nail Repair, I have mixed feelings! Well, it can be used perfectly in the break time I take in between my Mani/Pedi sessions, but when used with other nail colors.. it wont let the nail color stays put! I had few of my nail color fall of! So I guess it is better used by itself as a treatment in between, which works out way better… since it strengthen the nails. When you use this product, use it by itself 😉 Works better this way


The French Manicure set… I used it on my last visit. Loved the color, but it was a bit on the clear orange-ish side so I added Essie’s Pillow Talk nail polish, one of my favorite to use for French, and Glinda – my nail technician – suggested that I use it to give a hint of color! She is used to the colors I like by now I guess


I also noticed that Nail It also sell some Trind Nail Polishes that also come with treatments, and the shades they have are soft and nice


All in all, Trind brand is so soft on nails, I really love their hand repair cream and I would buy it over and over. Their balsams are nourishing and enriching.. they help a lot with dryness. The dry time for the colors takes a bit longer than the brand I usually use, so do not hesitate using a quick dry on top as a final coat.


Thank you Al Ghalia for this gift 🙂 And special thanks goes to Ms. Nadera Barakat – who coordinated for this nice gift delivery!


For more on Al Ghalia, check their website (link)

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