The Art of Can: Redbull Exhibition

Jacqui was posting quite an interesting set of pictures on Instagram of an exhibition she attended at 360 Mall… I have asked her to email me the pictures so I can share them with my readers 😉 So below are some of my favorite pictures of her set…. For the full story and full set of pictures you can check her post here!

John Fernandes “Power to Transform” – Spiderman made of cans

Wenchie Escueta Pasaporte’s “Red Bull Kuwait Towers” – nice effects on the spheres!

Bader Al Mansour’s “Ready for Action” – Its a Taurus after all… my sign 😉

Hanan Abu Ismaiel’s “The Big Ben” – “Can” you make it in time? 😛

Yousef Al Malifi’s “Reaching the Ultimate Energy” – You guys “can”

CiyMyWay’s “Ultimate Rush”

Nasser Al Shaheen’s “Color Your Life” – Very simple… very creative

Hadeel Al Litheeth’s “Dazzling Lady Gaga” – You “can” show of your cans style 😉

Jovita Tess George’s “Wallstreet 2011″

Thank you Jacqui so much for sharing your pictures with my readers 😉 xoxo

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