Street Vendors in Hong Kong & Macau

There were random street vendors but not all of them are camera friendly šŸ˜‰ I tried to snap some picture… some would get upset, others would tell me not to before I even snap, but I managed to get a few… I also have different pictures from different street markets that I will post about later….. for now, here are some street vendors from Hong Kong for you

It is very normal to see banners on streets there for different kinds of products with price lists sometimes… if interested, they can get you the merchandise! I would say avoid’em

Dry…. well, fruit, veggies, herbs… and oysters too!A couple of pictures from Macau now

A souvenirs booth next to a church! He had some interesting stuff, but wouldnt allow me to take pictures of’em…. and chestnut stand <3 YUMMY chestnuts! I think I like the Chinese chestnuts the best out of all the ones I tried

This guy was friendly enough and I took so many pictures (will be sharing them later)

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