Spaghetti 360 – Hong Kong

While at The Peak Galleria, and while shopping around… we were curious to try out Spaghetti 360 Restaurant! The hostess at the door was very inviting and all smiles… she asked us to check the menu, and was super sweet! We just couldn’t say no and got in!

Plus… for some reason, I see the name “Spaghetti” used in many restaurants in Hong Kong so why not give this one a try ๐Ÿ˜‰

For drinks… Mimmi ordered coke while I settled for Chinese Lemon Tea with honey… I was feeling a bit cold! The tea looked like regular black tea flavored with lemon only it was stronger in flavor and scent! I didn’t add sugar to it because the honey was more than enough but not overly sweet… I just enjoyed it as it is.

For appetizers we ordered Mushroom Pesto Salad – which is made of all kinds of mushrooms cooked in lemon-y butter sauce. It was amazing! Reminded me so much of Edo’s version (link) only this one had more variety and kinds of mushrooms!

Our second appetizer was Shrimp Potatoes… Made of shrimps tucked in inside mashed potatoes and all wrapped up in spaghetti, battered and deep fried…. its like Hong Kong met with Italy half way through! Work of art and the result is so yummy! Wish one of the restaurants in town adopt this method of batter fried shrimps on their menu ๐Ÿ˜›

Mimmi ordered spaghetti with herb clams… She loved it but without the vegetable swimming around – not that she minded them – I stole a couple of clams and they tasted really good!

My order? Truffle Mushroom Spaghetti… again, all kinds of mushrooms were used in this dish! It was really good… a bit on the creamy side though, but I polished that dish of! Do we have room for dessert?

Of course we do… specially when it comes to trying different dishes! Unique dishes like this one!!! Its basically cheese balls semi sweetly breaded and fried with a side of sweetened red beans

Not bad at all.. but did not have me the “WOW” factor either

Our total came to HKD322.3o (around KD11.500) Not bad at all – good food, unique dishes, and friendly staff ๐Ÿ™‚

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