Offer: Eve – ALFA Fuel Card

While filling my car at Alfa Gas Station – Al Mansouriya I spotted this banner…. I drove by it and took a better shot

It looks like they have a special card from Alfa for Eve, us ladies šŸ˜‰ Then I remembered they have sent me a picture of the offer a couple of days ago

I checked out their website for more on it:


IntroducingĀ ‘Eve’, a fuel card exclusively forĀ ladies. You can avail discounts on beauty treatments, diets, dental care and personal insurance. All these plus the benefits of aĀ online rechargeable fuel card. No extra charges, you get the complete worth of fuel for the card value.

EveĀ card may be purchased from theĀ Soor Head OfficeĀ or anyĀ Alfa Station. For further inquiries call customer service atĀ 184 10 10


Benefit from our partners with the purchase of a ‘Eve’ card include Al Maidan Clinic, Royal Hayat Hospital, LOfat, AIG (insurance) that you can read more about here!

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