McDonald’s Sweet Taro Pie in Hong Kong

Every time we pass by McDonald’s in Hong Kong Mimmi and I cannot help but think about this one banner we keep seeing outside their shops: A Purple Delight in a Golden Shell: Sweet Taro Pie

It was about time that I go in and give it a try! We went in for a quick snack – Mimmi ordered fries and coke, while I wanted to try this pie with a black cup of coffee (Yes! I know some people would avoid McDonald’s when traveling, but not us… specially when you know they do serve exotic food items that are limited to certain regions)…

Anyways, and as you can see, it comes in packaged in a sleeve similar to the Apple Pie’s! I took a bite and….. Yes! It’s purple inside! We have previously tried Taro Froyo at one of the shops (link) and they told us it was some sort of a vegetable… but I googled it and it turned out to be a root vegetable (link)…. anyways I loved the pie, Mimmi had a bite too and she liked it! Taste? Well… the shell is crunchy and yummy… the filling inside is starchy and sweet, kinda like sweet potatoes in texture, a bit less sweeter I would say! AND ITS PURPLE! 😛

I liked it so much that I made sure to have one before we leave in the airport!

Price? HKD6 (around 200 fils)

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