I *heart* Bracelets

I love wearing different style bracelets… I have made different purchases throughout the years and I have so many from different place of different styles! I am sharing with you few of my large collection today 😉

Let me see… from bottom up;

  • DanaNafisi special edition Breast Cancer Bracelet I got last October, with pink sapphires – I LOVE it! (link) – cannot remember the exact price but it was KD55-60 or so
  • Reina Style Breast Cancer butterfly bracelet in plated rose gold (link) – KD20
  • Nana’s Accessories for the next two – the ones with flowers and the one with Hamsa hand (link) – I believe they range from KD15-20 or so
  • Tiny tennis bracelet from AlSayegh in the Gold Market – Mubarakiya (white and black diamonds) – around KD300-400 (depending on the diamonds, and the discount you get 😛 )

A couple of bracelets here! Again, AlSayegh tennis bracelets and *blue eye* I got while randomly shopping for jewelry a while back and I love it so much! Cannot remember the exact price

Pura Vida bracelets made of colorful threads I got from Eden Salon & Spa (link) – KD2

A couple of threads and golden rocks bracelets from Lime Light…. if I am not mistaken they sell at KD7 each

skinny belt wrap bracelets from SHOEBOX! I got those a couple of years ago, I cannot remember the exact price! I would say less than KD20! Not sure though

Those bangles comes in a set of 20, I got two… so its 40 bangles! They were from DKNY over 15 years ago LOL I really like the fact that I still have them… well 38 of them now 😛 Really cannot remember the price

Just a random picture of leather bracelets I have…

  • Yellow one is from a random booth in Syria and its like 300 fils or so, I got it in so many colors
  • The brown one is from Thomas Sabos and I can add charms to its buckle
  • And the grey one with studs is also from SHOEBOX! Cannot remember the price, but I got it last year
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