Faces DO Sell!

Its a well known fact that faces do sell when advertising! Some companies have taken serious steps into picking the “Face” of the company – hand picking models, dress them, and present them in the best way possible! Now I have googled some images online to give live examples… Abercrombie & Fitch! I mean how many of your friends changed their display pics/avatars with them next to one of those hot models

Giorgio Armani

A couple of examples to name a few… but when we have an ad like the one below I keep on wondering; How did they pick the model? Why did they decide to have his head shiny? And whats up with the three button suit? The color of the suit? Let alone the facial expression used in all of the visuals! Disturbance!!!

Enthusiasm and Motivation

Decision and Achievement

Research and Communicate

Success and Connection

Meditate and Guidance

Appearance and Avoiding Risks


What do you guys think?


 Thank you Shamlan for the inspiration 😉

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