Elevators of Shangri La Hotel in Hong Kong

We stayed at Island Shangri-La Hotel while in Hong Kong earlier this month. The hotel is amazing and I will be posting a review about it soon. We arrived Hong Kong on a Sunday…. as soon as we got settled in, we wanted to go walk around Hong Kong Island.. it was our first day and we wanted to take it easy. We stayed on the 42nd floor… The elevator waiting area overlooked a mini oriental garden and a huge HUGE painting on one wall

A lot of hotel guests arrive and many of’em are jet lagged…. The hotel idea of telling their guest what day of the week it is was so creative 😉 Check out the carpets of the elevators; Here is Sunday… the day we arrived

And it changed everyday! I was able to snap a picture of each day since we stayed a whole week 😉 Creative huh?

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