@DanaMazen & The Kardashians

It was last September when Dana Mazen and her family missed their flight to Kuwait… Glad she did or else she wouldn’t have seen the Kardashians (and get a hug from Khloe) that day 😉

Dana woke up early that day…. 3:00AM early and woke her sisters up to join her… they headed to Good Morning America Studio hoping she get a chance to see the Kardashians

My cousin Noufa K. arranged with Dana’s sister Z for us to meet for coffee and a quick chit chat about it all 🙂 Let me tell you this… Dana is such a cute sweet little 15 year old! Very lovable… I guess Khloe couldnt resist but give her a hug that day


So… what happened that day? Around 3:30AM they were at the site waiting! Dana had made a sign that reads DANAMAZEN LOVES <3 THE KARDASHIANS. Her sister was talking to the security guard telling him how much Dana is in love with the Kardashian so they wanted to surprise her and let her in… the minute they came out of the studio at around 9:00AM, Dana was pulled in… she was in shock and extremely happy about it

Kourtney came out and she waved at Dana… followed by Kim with a smile

It was Khloe that came out and with opened arms… she wanted to give Dana a hug

Dana was overjoyed and cried :* She really is a huge fan! Look at this happy face!

She also went to Dubai to meet Kim launching her Millions of Milkshakes Shop (link) and gave her a gift that she made herself 😉

Kim recognized that face and was like “You’re the girl from New York” so she signed her picture

And when Kim saw her BlackBerry she took a picture of it to show it to Khloe

click on images to enlrage

Dana thinks Kourtney is the prettiest and most stylish out of the Kardashians.. but she loves them all 🙂 She is addicted to their show and love their fashion line. She tweet at them and get retweets and replies “27 times from Khloe” she explained 😉 *cute*

I also snapped a pic of her BlackBerry… and a picture of Z… her sister’s nail polish from OPI Kardashian Kolor Holiday – Khloe Had a Little Lam Lam

It was such a nice outing 🙂 Lovely meeting you Dana :* (You can follow her on Twitter @DanaMazen)

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