Christmas From @bosammy Lense

On Christmas Day and at around 5:30PM I was stuck in traffic in Salhiya Area… I wanted to get out to Sheraton Roundabout but the streets were packed and everyone was crossing the streets from everywhere! It was chaos!!! Total madness… when I was saved by my Santa that day… Mr. Abdulmajeed AlShatti 😉 He helped me get out of the mess. How lucky I was to find him in the right place at the right time?


I couldn’t thank him properly at the time… it was crazy as it is, but I noticed he had his camera on and was waiting for him to start posting pictures…. here are some for you to enjoy 😉 Thank you so much Bo Sammy 🙂


The series is called: Many Faces of Christmas in Kuwait, 2011

“Reading a text message” – Nikon D7000

“Happy to see you” – Nikon D7000

“Nice smile” – Nikon D7000

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