Chai Al Daha @SaduHouse – بيت السدو

Beit Al Sadu organized Chai Al Daha (morning tea) last Monday as an open day to welcome designers, textile enthusiasts, and everyone interested in Kuwaiti traditional weaving.

It will be a weekly event taking place once a week; day time and evening time the following week and so on

Dana I and went together… we’ve been invited to almost all events, so we would always arrange to go together – she’s a great friend + amazing company 😉 Lucky me

The reception area is spacious and calm… love the arrangements of seats – some are on display for sale

The staff of Sadu House were serving Arabic coffee nonstop – and it taste SO GOOD! I had like five cups, the last two I asked for them to be filled up!

In the reception area they displayed some of the items available at the house for visitors to view, read, and know more about them

This piece is made by the talented Hussam AlRushaid! The patterns on it is painting… but it was with 3D effect… as if it was embroidered on the tin itself

Lots of books on display about weaving in Kuwait and in other countries

 Some of the new colors – used in weaving at Sadu House

A display of the sources of natural dyes… such as pomegranates, henna, saffron…

A piece made with those natural dyes

I have also noticed their newly designed calendars for 2012…. this time they are selling them for KD3… money goes to support Beit Al Sadu itself, which is a non-profit organization and the weavers that work there

Show your support and get one… you can find them in Sadu House Gift Shop, 52 Degrees, and The Scientific Center… I hope we can find more vendors that are willing to help out and sell it for them

May of course 😉

Moving on… Dana and I were walking around when we saw our friend Mrs. Bibi AlSabah.. who took us into a tour with all the details of the house itself… which I will be sharing in another post

Let’s go have our Chai Al Daha now… shall we?

The gathering was in the open area on the other side of the house… right next to their Gift Shop

I believe it is also the same area where you can register for workshop and talk to the staff in their office…. check out the display on this table, Children Workshops pieces

Tea on charcoal braziers – perfect for this weather

It was a nice gathering with lots of guests from all around… Kuwaitis, non Kuwaitis, males, females…. very friendly atmosphere and the staff/volunteers are so kind and helpful

Loved the display of items… check out this basket made of palm fronds – Khous (سلة خوص) used for fresh mint leaves to go with your hot BBQ tea 😉

That’s the covered area part were we sat in and discussed many things….

Lots of yummies served for everyone there; rahash (sweet sesame/tahini squares), darabeel (dry Kuwaiti style cinnamon rolls), samsamiya (sesame squares), cheese rolls, za’atar mini pies… and more

The covered area we sat in was decorated with the modern colored sadu piece

One of the weaving ladies

We also met one of the gentlemen there who is an expert in making those baskets

He said he would always travel to Bahrain to get fronds from there and his sister would modernize those pieces with croshet…. just like this piece next to him

Oh and this is the Sadu House portable gift shop to look for when in 52 Degrees and The Scientific Center… or any events they participate in 😉 Love the design

For more on Sadu House you can check out their website (link) – LIKE their Facebook Page – and follow them on Twitter @SaduHouse



شاي الضحى في بيت السدو يوم مفتوح لاستضافة مصممين، هواة نسيج، و كل من المهتمين في الحياكة الكويتية التقليدية

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