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My cousin Noufa K. told me about this new restaurant called The Breakfast Club in Fintas. She’s been there once before and wanted me to try it out with her… so we went yesterday

I ordered the Full American Breakfast with two sunny side ups minus the bacon (not a fan) the dish was presented nicely and the portion was generous, the hotdog itself was a bit on the salty side, but then again… I do not like salt much! Everything else was good 🙂 I mean you cannot go wrong with the American breakfast 🙂 Mushrooms were fresh, the cherry tomatoes were vibrant red… this dish is colorful and full of flavor 😉

Noufa ordered the Club Italian Frittata…. It comes with mozzarella and Parmesan cheese, but Noufa ordered it with only mozzarella. I had a bite and it was GOOD! It has potatoes and veggies in it.. very yummy, very fluffy and fleshy 😀

Now for drinks we ordered a bottle of water and…….  THE highlight of the breakfast, which was this drink!!! Its their signature Weekend Hot Chocolate.

The cup comes in covered in melted marshmallows and fresh mint leaves on the side with a stem of redcurrant hanging out! It does not stop here… the cup is full of fresh berries (more redcurrants, blackberries, and raspberries)

It is basically a cup of yumminess! I would drive all the way there just to have this cup of goodness! YES! That is how much I liked it

The bill came in a pan… cute, but the idea is being overused in different forms, not that I mind it 😉

Our total came to KD10.7oo – we got served by young Kuwaiti guys who were so nice and friendly to us 🙂 I guess they are the owners… We wish you all the best 🙂


The restaurant is tiny and cozy! We sat outside since the weather was nice, the view is just some random street in Fintas…. who cares when you have this Hot Coco right? 😉 I got a glimpse on the inside and it looks nicely decorated. located in Fintas, Exit Rd 209 from Fahaheel 30 and their Tel is 23900470. I believe they are open early in the morning like 5:00AM or so till 3:00PM – Tuesdays off 😉


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