Amricani Cultural Centre – @DAI_Kuwait – Part I

I was invited to attend the Bloggers’ Night at The Amricani Cultural Centre by Dar AlAthar AlIslamiyyah (دار الآثار الإسلامية) media team (who are fabulous by the way)

I arrived at 7:00PM with my friend Dana – the place looked super nice from the outside… all the way walking in, I had chills because of the history and the story of the place itself (and because it was cold too). We were greeted by Ms. Farah Khaja at the door who welcomed us in

I fell in love instantly! The place is really old but the renovation done to the place with all the modern twists here and there, the display of items, the white color… very contemporary! I’d go again and again! I appreciate those kinda places

Here is an example… pictures displayed in blocks of blue frames… different sizes, each with a story of its own! I looked through each and every picture. My late grandfather studied at the Amricani (American Missionary) and that’s how he became the first English teacher in Kuwait 🙂 I couldn’t find him… but going again with my mom for sure to look him up

As I said… each pictures tells you a story! This one of one of the doctors examining a young Kuwaiti girl in her traditional bukhnag (بخنق)

The Women Hospital… after construction

And look how it was close to the coast back in the days

Missionary doctors on a picnic in the dessert

Physical Education class…. in 1920!!

Students in 1918

I have much more… I can go on and on, but let me take you to the atmosphere, so you get a feel of what I was describing

Pieces of furniture were clearly picked carefully to match the feel of the place, and the team working there

It was easy for us the visitors to walk around and mingle… talk and check the displayed pictures out…. their media team is pretty interactive too! They come to you and explain things, talk about the place itself

On the other side of the room are a display of some restored antique books

Beautifully displayed

We were then called in to gather for a quick introductory session before taking the tour inside the center

Ms. Haya AlKhaldi started – love her way of talking and explaining things to us!

To be continued….. 


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