Amricani Cultural Centre – @DAI_Kuwait – Part II

After our introductory session we were taken to see the “Treasury of the World” – Jeweled arts of India in the age of Mughals! Haya told us we will be seeing lots of “Bling-Bling” Ready?

We were taken to the upper level floor… and what I liked about their media team is that they spread out through us, the visitors! Not a place, not a corner, not a piece of jewel or artifact did I not find one of the media team members in the area ready to explain or answer questions!

Wonder what they’re looking at!

Coins! Not a regular size coins… the smaller one is kinda bigger than the palm of my hand! They’re unique gold coins, the big one is 1,000 muhur – weighing almost 12KG, while the smaller one is 100 muhur – weighing around 1KG!

Let’s go see some Bling-Blings! Ready to dive in the jewels of the Mughal Empire?

The Mughal Empire is one of the wealthiest and most powerful dynasties in the world that ruled for over 300 years! You will be seeing lots of jeweled pieces (and those are not all the pictures I have taken by the way) Oh and by the way… they’re mostly MEN jewelry!

Some of them are worn as turbans ornaments

Shisha (hubbly bubbly) pipes

Hundreds of pieces to see

Necklace…. multi-layered and jeweled

Some paintings showing how the jewels were worn! Oh and by the way… those paintings were miniatures blown up into huge pieces

Different rings

Another necklace

Pearls, rubies, and emerald

Here is the lovely Nouf AlMudayan taking pictures of the art pieces – such a cool sport!

Look at those pieces… one to shoo away flies and the one next to it is used with shisha! Yes! Jeweled pieces even for such items!

Different kinds of swords

Can you guess what this black long stick is?

A back scratcher 😛

Moving on to another section now…..

And more blings to see…. admired by visitors

Here are some pieces dated back to the 18th Century (if I am not mistaken) from Iran

A jeweled shield…. I bet its very very heavy!

More pieces on display That’s a waist belt you see in the lower right corner… it goes with the set above I guess of head piece and earrings


I’m so happy that the “Treasury of the World” exhibition finally made it to Kuwait this year… 

To be continued….. 


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