@AlbanDairy: Akawi Cheese With Black Seeds

First time I heard about Alban Dairy product was from TheDietNinja! He posted quite an interesting pictures on his blog; the Labnah, Yogurt, Fresh Laban… etc! I must admit that the packaging and the review made me try the product! I was at @Sultan_Center – Souq Sharq when I saw the stand right next to the entrance! The sales lady was so nice and friendly! I tried almost of everything on the table and left with the AKAWI with black seeds (I love black seeds)

It is made used 100% fresh milk – no water, powder, preservatives added

The one I got was made of fresh cow milk (love the illustration) – if I am not mistaken their dairy products are from cow, goat, and sheep milk!

Now I’ve tried it on its own…. cut into slices – a bit on the salty side for my taste, but can be washed with water. I LOVE the black seed kick in it!

I tried it tucked in an omelette and it was amazing! I loved it

Now I am the kind of person that prefers blue cheese, Swiss, Emmental, Gruyere, Brie ……. etc to Halloum, Kashkawan, Akawi ….ect! You get the picture!? So when Alban tweeted me this picture of their aged Swiss cheese with their own Egyptian bread I knew I had to go and buy me some more products! I will update you with another post of other products I bought and tried

They have more products from their Yasmin Farms in Wafra! I really wanna visit this farm one day 🙂 Gotta love the selection of products they have ranging from dairy to veggies to jams to teas/coffees, soap and more!


You can also find them on Twitter @AlbanDairy 😉

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