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Since I launched my new branded page last May (link) with one of the biggest competitions I held, Ansam518 logo became a brand name for me 😉 It all started when Pink Coffee approached me to redesign my blog – the people behind Pink Coffee are great friends of mine (and I currently work with them) so I trusted them so much to do the design for me. I sat with Ahmed from the creatives team and discussed everything… to come up with the final theme that you see today and in a very short time… that Mini Me logo became a brand known to many 😉 It makes me happy! Let me name some (I hope I did not leave anyone out)

I received this AMAZINGLY designed cake from Lenotre – done by the AMAZING Chef Ziad Hilal (link) on my birthday last May! The taste was out of this world – two flavors! I remember on the day that everyone loved it and we snapped away so many pictures

My dear Twaif surprised me with a non-reason gift last June! A box of cookies and branded tumbler :* (link) This girl is one of the sweetest people I have met and grateful to have in my life! Love you Twaif

On that same month Ezgrt sent me a skin for my iPhone 4 (link)- which is by the way still in GOOD condition and I get so many comments about it to date 😉

The fabulous and multi-talented Farah gave me this trophy-like stand 🙂 (link) Cute! I love it and it is one of the nicest gifts I have received from my readers!

When Dana AlNafisi read about my 518 Causes project (which I delayed till 2012) she did the most thoughtful thing ever! She designed a two-piece jewelry rather than just a badge for the cause! I loved it so much 😉 She is SO KIND! (link)

Last April Napket launched Ansam II Icy Yogurt in which they used the Mini Me logo in it holding Napket cup <3 (link)

I think Pink Coffee did an amazing job along with my blog – and the cute Mini Me brand that started spreading… I love it and decided to use it more in my posts – so again Ahmed created a set of Ansam518 Mini Me Emoticons to use (that I will be using more in my future posts)

For more on Pink Coffee you can visit their website (link) – check out their blog (link) -Facebook (LIKE) – Twitter @PinkCoffee_

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