Versace for H&M Launch – Kuwait

A while back I got invited to attend Versace for H&M Event Launch in Kuwait. I was asked to pick up the invitations from their head office, which I couldnt do – so I asked them to keep them for me on the Event’s Day. The invite reads “Exclusive Event – Be the first to preview & shop the collection, and the timing listed was 8:00AM to 9:ooAM” So cool!

My sister and I arrived at around 7:40AM and guess what… there was a LOOOOONG queue – one for VIPs and the other for public! The VIPs to go in at 8:00AM as promised, shop for an hour before the other queue can go in. Knowing me and how I am, I did not want to stop in line! I have nothing against it, its just the fact that I do not like to wait in line like that to go shop! So we talked a bit with Ms. Fajer AlMatrouk (which by the way looked FAB and gorgeous – loved her look) then we walked around to hear LOUD screaming at around 7:50-55 – my sister and I were like WTH! We walked back to the store, and we see chaos and everyone was let in! Where is the exclusivity! And the girls were going mad! Things were flying around, boxes were being opened, dresses on floor, some fights over a piece of clothing… its just not the way I like to shop so we left after standing at the door for less than one minute

I do not understand why the invites said it was exclusive! In Dubai, my family sent me pictures and described the event to me – the VIP launch – which sounded more organized than the one we had 🙁 They were able to shop at least and with ease, before they allowed everyone else to go in! I am disappointed 🙁

Wish it was more organized 🙁 Oh and @The_Avenues posted more “interesting” pictures! Check’em out!


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