Lorenzo, Always Go Back

Lorenzo is one of those restaurants in Kuwait I frequently go to! I like the atmosphere, the service, and many of the items on their menu… Plus it is one of those restaurants that have been in Kuwait for long time that I still go to. So this is just a random post with random pictures I have taken on different visits to Lorenzo…. with some of their yummies 😉 Enjoy!

Iced tea with a hint of lemon! Very refreshing and sweetened just right 😉

Mediterranean Salad! The dressing is delicious, the cheese is fresh, oh and I love those sun dried tomatoes and zucchinis!

Gambari on top of potatoes that are on top of mouthwatering sauce! When Dalal F. ordered it, the table next to us asked the waiter to get them the same thing 😉

Do I really need to tell you about their mushroom risotto? Its one of the best in Kuwait <3

Chicken and avocado in a sandwich is almost always the right mix! This sandwich is one of the best on their menu, only wish their balsamic sauce was more on the inside and not on the top of the sandwich itself!

Their bread -modern- basket

Always come in selection of buns, slices, and sticks… freshly baked and hot out of the oven! Smell? Killer… and I am a sucker for bread and butter <3

Their Focaccia bread is my least favorite…

What’s not to like about their Lorenzo Club Sandwich! The fresh bread and yummy ingredients mix, almost a five star hotel quality room service Club Sandwich! It comes with a very light version of coleslaw and thin french fries

One of my favorite dishes on their menu is their mushroom pizza! Comes in out of the oven with its thin crust, crispy ends, fresh tasting tomato sauce, the melted cheese stretches between the pulled slice and the pizza on the plate… and I dont care when people watch me eat it with my hands! I just do not believe that you can eat pizza with forks and knives! Oh I enjoy it to bits and bits

This slice of goodness! I mean picture above says it all! Its the famous Lorenzo Chocolate Cheesecake! We buy this cake as a whole sometimes to different occasions and gatherings! Its one of the best cut slices to have in a restaurant <3


Who’s going to Lorenzo for Breakfast/Brunch/or Lunch today? 😛

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