Häagen Dazs Morning!

How are you spending your mornings these days? The weather is so nice… I am liking the outdoors 🙂 How about I take you into one of those mornings with me through this post? 😉 Häagen Dazs anyone???

We ordered black coffee, affogato (a scoop of vanilla ice cream topped with a hot double shots of espresso), ice cream, cookies, and brownies… and God knows what else 😉 My only comment is that I asked for chocolate chip cookie and I got a chocolate cookie (not a big fan, but was in a good mood and I let it slip)


The cookie was chewy and yummy – despite the fact that I’m not into chocolate cookies, but gotta give it credit! I topped it up with crème brûlée scoop of ice cream (a flavor I like at  Häagen Dazs)… not familiar much with their menu, but I like their affogato! The mix of flavors is just so right – bitterness of coffee with vanilla sweetness! Hot and cold together, you know what I’m talking about 😉

It was all good…. many of my favorite things in the picture: ice cream, cookies, coffee, and amazing company/friend <3 Oh and did I mention the fabulous weather?

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