DKNY Bloggers’ Fashion Night

I was contacted by AlYasra Fashion to plan a bloggers fashion night at the store 🙂 To be honest, I enjoyed it to every bit! We sat together and planned the whole thing! I threw in some ideas, they did the same… and together it all worked out nicely 🙂

I arrived a bit early to check on things… we were ready to have the bloggers in 🙂

First visitors we got were Buzberry representatives shortly followed by P0ach! Yeah the guys arrived before the ladies, who were few minutes fashionably later 😉

Those five mannequins were dressed by who else but Confashions 😉 She did an amazing job 😀

I wont say much about the event, but I will give you links to the bloggers’ who posted about it 😉


Confashions – Playing Dress-up




Ke7el Part I and Part II


Other bloggers who attended





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