Dates on Coins

فيني طبع مادري من وين يايبته! أحب أشوف التواريخ على الخردة… بس عمري ما شفت واحدة بتاريخ ١٩٧٨ تصدقون؟ فإذا ممكن تطلعون الخردة اللي عندكم وتشوفون إذا في وحدة إصدار ١٩٧٨ 🙂 أكون شاكره لكم!

I have no idea why but whenever I get coins I check the dates (year of issuance) on’em! I always think, oh this coin has been there since before the Iraqi invasion, that one was issued before I was even born, the other one is issued the same year my nephew was born…ect! But I never ever came across a coin that was issued in 1978! Have you? Open your wallet and check for me please! If you find any please let me know 😉

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