Dalag Es’hail Dinner

Every now and then we pass by AlMubarakiya for random shopping sprees; a specific perfumery house, mills, accessories, various products, and of course Dalag Es’hail restaurant

بين فترة و فترة لازم نمر سوق المباركيه نتسوق فيه و نقل بدلق سهيل

Earlier last week, and after a long day at work, we decided to have dinner there… so we drove to AlMubarakiya, parked the car, and walked inside… and thought why not click random pictures here and there 😉

And here we are, at the newly covered area of the food court in AlMubarakiya

We picked a table and browsed through their menu to order dinner 😉


على كيف كيفك + دردش فرفش خرخش

قعدنا على طاولة بالنص و طلبنا العشا: قلوب، خبز إيراني، حمص، شيبس، و ثلاث أنواع فطير مشلتت – عجبني إللي بالقيمر و العسل – أما العريس فى ما كان لذيذ كلش!

I got the worst food poison ever once, but I keep going there cuz I like it (just avoid ordering salads and meat there) The bad news? They do not serve tea on charcoal brazier anymore – or that’s what the waiter told us and told the table next to us 🙁 Not as enjoyable as before!!

أنا مرة حاشني تسمم بس ما أقطع المكان هذا… جوهم لذيذ أ أكلهم لاباس فيه…. باس حاولو تتجنبون السلطات والأطباق إللي فيها لحم

Fresh hot and thick Iranian bread… one of the things I love

My friend ordered grilled “hearts” but I forgot to snap a picture… plus, I didnt try it! I wanted to, but didnt have the guts! Instead I ate Arayes (pita bread stuffed with spiced ground meat) – Not recommended, it was below average. Hummos on the other hand was good, french fries was okay…

We ordered three kinds of Egyptian stuffed pies (Feteer Meshaltet) – it was the best dishes of the night…. one with zatar and cheese, one with zataar only, and one with thick cream and honey (YUMMMMMMMM)

Dalag Es’hail is located in the food court area next to the mosque and they offer wide range of Kuwaiti + Arabic dishes + soft ice cream + drinks. Their Tel # is 22478777 / 224535555


Click here to check my last year review with much better pictures 😉

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