Chef Mimi’s in Vietnam – Part I

Chef Mimi is currently in Vietnam and I’m enjoying her trip updates and pictures so much that I asked her permission to share it on my blog for my readers 🙂 This lady is phenomenal and very inspiring! Let’s go to Vietnam with Mimi now…. hop in!

It looks like that Chef Mimi is having one of the biggest adventures in her life with Haya! They have been going around and snapping pictures away that I check almost daily! Here is a picture of their first meal in Vietnam… and one of the best as they explain 😀 Fruit of the sea

Let’s check out more of the street food they have there…

Not just checking it out I guess… but trying some too!

Open kitchen area

Let’s see what we have here… clockwise from top left: condiments, Pho, rooster, dry squid, and Haya making a deal with a street vendor.

Want more pictures??? Okay here you go with summer rolls, summer rolls in the making, Chef Mimi checking out some dishes up-close & personal, and desserts in bowls!

It looks like Chef Mimi enjoys street vendors as much as I do (if not more) Here is a picture of a young lady preparing jack fruit!

Now lets take a stroll down Ben Thanh Market

What do we have here…. frogs, fish that were still moving (looks like river fish), fresh fruit, and coconut juice!

Check this out… all those types of rice!!

Now check this out! Duck eggshells broken into tiny pieces and used to stuck individually! Art!!!

Art pieces getting polished!

Cobra Drink – YIKES!

Thats one interesting market I must say!

It looks like fun… lots of interesting food items such as this deep fried tofu with Thai basil, dried seafood, and who knows what else 😛

Garlic beef and green veggies too

To dragon fruit in the park

Moving on…. Chef Mimi and Haya will be going to Dalat! They are waiting for their “Sleeping Bus” at midnight

Stay tuned for more pictures to come and lots of adventures 😀

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