Chef Mimi’s in Vietnam – Part III

Where were we last (link)? Oh yes…  The trip to Nha Trang 😉

As usual, Mimi snapped few pictures here and there of the scenery around…..

Can you guess what this is? One of many mini yellow temples on the road built on the side of the road where motor bikers have died!

Aaand another Pit Stop they reached on their way… this one looks interesting!

And of course its time for Mimi to try something new, Cucumber Juice? She said it’s not bad! As for me… not a fan of cucumbers 😛

You see… on this trip, Mimi and Haya are always up for trying things out… cooking and learning about cooking and culture 😉 Take for example this: Asparagus and Crap!!! Let’s hope its a typo 😛

Sesame, Corn, and Rice Milks!!! Now those… I would try 😉

Vietnamese Pancakes… I need to see that one “in the making”

And here it is as a finished dish!!! Vietnamese rice pancakes! All you have to do is stuff, roll, dip, and bite 😉

Oh and “Birdy” canned coffee with milk… which Mimi thought was disappointing!

Now off to some cooking classes 😉 The classes seemed to be fun, from fruit picking, to shopping in the market for ingredients, and actual cooking classes with large group of people… dragon fruit anyone? 😉

For exapmple, here is a class where they were learning how to make beef noodle salad

And here are some pictures of them shopping for fresh noodles the market to make the salad

And beef too!

The cooking class begins!

Mimi busy cooking… Haya is passing her basil to Mimi! She doesn’t like it! How can you not like basil Haya? 😛

Activities involved were so much fun it seems 😉

Aside of all the cooking they did… they also shared some interesting random pictures! Dogs are everywhere in Vietnam! They sell at as low as $5!!! Cute!!!

Another cool thing to show off is their “Point It” dictionary (which Reem used on our trip to Italy as well)!

Pretty easy to use… just point at the things you want, and can be used worldwide 😛

Oh and to explain where they’re from… they walked around with this map 😉

Now off to some site-seeing! The tomb of the 12th king… pretty big huh?!

It is said that the artist who painted this ceiling used his… FEET to paint!!!


Here are some pictures taken of incense sticks making!

Shopping for helmets?

Haya found hers 😉

And they take off on a bike trip to “Mỹ Sơn” ruins… a trip which they did not end up making by the way!!

Back to food tasting and trying out new things… Vietnamese Baguettes?

And enjoying them on a break during the road trip

Seaweed flavored Pringles… Mimi thought it was disappointing :S

Crickets for dinner anyone?


Where are they going next? Hanoi! Stay tuned for a new post… 😉

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