Cafe Royal With Noufa

Every now and then, Noufa and I drop by Cafe Royal in Al Salhiya Complex for a quick bite…. plus, we love their arousa (عروسة) which I posted about a while back (link)

The place is really nice and quiet, service is great, and the quality of food is pretty good…

The selection of bread is good! I can hardly resist good looking bread with butter when in a restaurant (it is actually one of my weaknesses 😛 )

I started of with pressed black coffee, strong in body and flavorful… Noufa ordered orange juice! She also ordered a side of mutabbal, one of her favorite in Kuwait

Noufa ordered Turkey Sandwich…. She liked it minus the bacon! I can totally relate

I ordered… well, I forgot the dish name, but it was mini triangles of deli cut meat (mortadella) and white cheese with a sweet sauce and some crunchiness! I loved it.. I really did but my only problem that it wasnt easy to eat! The triangles are tiny and each sandwich is made of five layers… it was so hard to eat without breaking, I had to eat some of it with fork and knife which I usually hate to do when eating sandwiches

It came in with a side dish… that I didnt like, I think it was mayo-based, and potato chips

Our total came to KD13.920


All in all, this is one of the places I frequent at because of the atmosphere and location! It is close to where I work and their food is good 🙂 It is located on the ground level of Salhiya Complex – Opposite Starbucks 😉

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