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About a week ago I posted about Caesars Group and was happy to get immediate respond from them! How cool is that? My faith in social networking companies just grew bigger 🙂

Here is the email (parts of it) I got from them:


Hi Ansam,

I came across your post about Caesars and I can answer some questions for you. 

A quick summary:

A leading business group in Kuwait with diverse business interest such as operating a chain of restaurants and confectioneries (Kuwait, UAE and Bahrain); Trading in Food, Industrial Equipment, spares, tools, hardware, safety products; Printed plastic cards (Visa/ATM/MasterCard/Smart Cards), PoS Systems/IT Solutions; Chemical for GRP Industry; Travelling and Tourism and manufacturing of corrugated cartons and paper products.

The Group is owned and managed by Mr. Ghazi Al Abdul Razzak, a Kuwaiti National and Mr. Lawrence D担ouza, an Indian National. The group employs 1000+ persons.

On the home page of the website there is a ist of the companies that fall under caesars group:


For the list of restaurants and phone numbers this is the current website:


We are currently working on moving the restaurants to its own website and having a more informational website with store addresses and maps, menus etc.


All caesars restaurants are multi-cuisine, each location serves a slightly different menu.


Caesars also does catering for small and large events.
Two of Caesars restaurants are on : Satchi and Caesars


Projects we are working on: A customer service center, a full fledged delivery system that will be delivering from all locations by the end of the year. (Inshalla). And a completely revamped and redesigned website. 


Caesars travel has 12 offices in Kuwait:


Caesars Holidays is a subsidary of Caesars travel co and is know for its packages. It covers all the details of your trip from airline tickets, touring plan, game/concert ticket, accommodation, transportation, cruises etc. It has 4 offices in Kuwait:

Facebook (LIKE)
twitter: @Caesars_KW

I hope this was helpful. Let me know if you have any questions.


We currently have several menus on Q8PD

Thank you


Oh and here is a picture of mini pepperoni pizzas from Caesars! I didnt know about them before! My sister got some few days ago 😉 Nice option for the pepperoni lovers 😀



Thank you Lujain and thank you Caesars Group for the prompt response 🙂

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