Breakfast with Lujain @MILK_KW

I was invited by the people behind MILK to taste and review their menu. I dropped by the place few days before Eid (link) and met with Ms. Lujain. She gave me a mini introductory about the place and let me take pictures freely before eating

MILK is located in the restaurants strip opposite Al Seef Palace. The place is small but is nicely decorated with white and light shade of grey and a hint of pink & black…. giant drops of milk in the ceiling, cubes of mirrors on both sides, and the cashier at the end with displayed items

There is a small seating area outside as well, which is perfect these days in this amazing outdoors weather

Menus are basically their plate mats!

Now lets talk food!! Shall we? I kinda let them order for me… I was pretty flexible and the items on the menu sounded awesome! Every item contains milk (or dairy product) 😉 I started off with Manchego Breakfast!

Scrambled eggs topped with manchego cheese shreds, turkey bacon, cherry tomatoes, grilled portobello mushroom head in some sort of sweet sauce, and bread!

Lujain ordered me a Blueberry Pancakes… she took NO for an answer whenever she wanted me to try something!

It was light light light! I almost ate all of it (one bacon strip only – not a big fan of bacon) and I recommend this dish! So I didnt really mind the pancakes

Oh and just like eB6ainiya, I liked the sweet sauce with the mushroom! I guess those kinda dishes with contrasting flavors are made for people with taste buds like mine 😛

Pancakes were fluffy and the blueberry sauce was yummy… but I am more of a waffles person, so next time I will go for waffles 😉 I did not eat it all, Lujain had ordered me nutella crepes – I am in trouble! LOL

This is hot milk and white chocolate with lemon zest block… I tried the same concept abroad, and in Chocolateness (link). Initially I wanted to try the Saffron one, but they were out of it. The lemon with white chocolate to be honest wasnt really my thing! It was different, but I will go for another flavor next time I’m there

By the time the crepe arrived I was getting fuller and fuller, so I had a bite (or two 😛 ) out of it. I liked the fact that they made it right! Thin and folded into a triangle! This is Ansam518 approved 😉

And while I was there, they were testing their frozen yogurt and she asked me if I wanted to give it a try… You’re asking me? OF COURSE yes! Its froyo <3 I tried mango and pomegranate… the pomegranate was REALLY awesome!

And while we’re at it, I also got to try their honeycomb ice cream <3 Simply amazing!

And because Lujain figured I like honeycomb, she gave me a bag of chocolate honeycomb which I will be reviewing in a post by its own! It was really good and I loved it


MILK is currently soft opened and their operating hours are 9:00AM to 11:00PM. You can follow them on Twitter @MILK_KW for more updates. (little birdie told me they will be opening at 7:00AM soon once they are officially open)


Thank you Lujain for your kind invitation and for joining me (actually watching me eat) while you talked. I really enjoyed your company…. and thank you MILK for having me, you will be seeing me soon to try more of your items; maybe sandwiches and salads next time 😉


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