Zoom Teeth Whitening at Bayan Dental

I read @bayandentalkw tweet about the Zoom Whitening offer a while back “Zoom3 Whitening+ Teeth Cleaning + File Opening =KD75 Call us now to book an appointment on 23824000” and was interested to know more about it.. so I asked them few questions on Twitter and booked an appointment with them.


On the day I went for my regular teeth cleaning, which I do every 6-8 months! I did not need to open a file since I’m their patient anyways. The cleaning didn’t take that long, and I was prepped for the whitening right away, wore my orange goggles, and was set to go. My technician was Lucille and she was so sweet and professional. She handed me a notepad & a pencil so I can write her whatever I want in case she wont understand my sign language. I also asked her for a mirror… yes! I do like to check out on the work and process!


The process itself takes about two hours, so you have to prepare yourself and make time for it once you decide on the teeth whitening. She said my teeth were white *ahem* but they will look whiter and in a very natural way! I also did not want them dramatically white and shiny. She explained to me that Zoom Whitening is a light activated system that is used with some sort of gel.


So off we start… she went to her iPod and asked me if it was okay to play some music and I was like sure why not! Pretty cool! Loved her selection, not from the new hits, but some old ones.. I sang along with some whenever I could and she was laughing!


She warned me that I may experience some pain, but I didnt – she said I may experience some pain later that day which I did, and I was advised to take Cataflam for that.


After the procedure was done, she asked me if I’m experiencing any pain… I wasn’t at the time, but again she told me that its best if I get Cataflam in case I experience pain later in the day.


As I was leaving they said that it was a complimentary treatment from Rama!! *Thanks Rama xoxoxoxo* and I went to my sister’s house! I was told not to eat colored food for a day or two… so no coffee, tea, stew, beetroot, curries…. etc!


I went to my sister’s house and ate plain pasta for lunch… with water. Pain started kicking in at around 2:00PM so I took Cataflam pill then went to take a nap… woke up and the pain was still there, only a bit milder. I was easy on the food although we had friends over and the food looked good 🙁 but it was worth it. I showed off my teeth to everyone that day and was so happy with my smile 😉 Before going to bed, I took another pill. Next day… I woke up with no pain 😉 *Thank God* I heard some people may experience it for 48 hours. I’m glad mine went away within 24 hours 😀


If interested, you can contact Bayan Dental for more info and advice. They will be more than happy to book you an appointment in which you can both decide if Zoom is what you want 😉


For more:

Bayan Dental Clinic Website – Tel: 23824000

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