@ZDyogurt Mobile Van <3

We had a very yummy visitor last Friday – the day of our gathering 😉 Zero Degrees mobile van home delivery <3 <3 <3

I called them a day in advance to arrange for it and they arrived 10 minutes early 😀

As soon as the van fully parked in our lot, a window and the side was open… we all rushed to it like little kids running for treats

Here is what it looks like from the inside…. exactly like a mini branch, a mobile one, with a variety range of toppings

and froyo dispensers 😉 The flavors were Original and Octagreen (Kiwi  – which is my favorite at Zero Degrees – check my review of the store here)

We were enjoying our time… making orders, different toppings and flavors 😀 It was the perfect treat for us

Checkout those fresh sweet n’ tangy raspberries on top of Octagreen flavor

I was tweeting LIVE and teasing my followers too hehehe (link)

and Original flavor topped up with all their bubbly lychees – Zero Degrees is famous for those! They simply burst in your mouth

Of course I had ordered a cup of each… Octagreen and Original (I am just crazy like that 😛 lol) and it was yummy, refreshing, and brought a smile on every face in the gathering!

If interested, call 55540404 ahead of time and reserve a time for them to come to your place 😉 You can also follow them on twitter @ZDyogurt for more updates and news 😀


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