What’s Your Favorite Black Eye Pencil?

I like black eyeliner, pencils, kohl, kajal… etc! I use many many brands and they are the item I run out the most quickly! Today I will talk about one brand I like, that is unfortunately unavailable in Kuwait!

GAZZAZ Kajal Pencil No. 1 – I got it in bulk last time when I went to Mecca!

Its very black…. dont freak out when you first see it. It looks grey-ish! Just sharpen it a bit and you will get the jet-black color (and fire it away with a lighter – I do not do this all the time btw) – oh and by the way, I like their grey one too

See how much I love it…. I literally ran out of it, I sharpened it till the very end, till it fell out before I used a new one 😛

Do you know if its available in Kuwait?

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