What Did You Do With Your First Salary?

That is the question my friend Shushu and I were discussing few days ago! I told her I spent mine on something for me (ring) + gift for both my parents and brother in law + dinner with my sisters + money for my nephews + gave some to the poor! I almost had nothing left of my very first salary! Shushu said she gave her mom a gift of her first Salary!

I remember my late cousin Tareq’s first salary gift! Back in the 80s when he got his first salary he gave all of us (my sisters and I) KD5 each! All my sisters did the same with their first salary from gifts, money giving, and dinner invitations! I do see this as a nice gesture and never thought the new generation thought of it!

Until Shushu surprised me when she said her niece Doodi (a very sweet girl by the way) did the same! She spent all her salary on gifts/cash to all her family members… she also gave the poor some of it and had nothing left for her! How nice is that!


Do you guys (younger generation) still do this? As for the older generation, how did you spend your very first salary? Do share 😉

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