The Wall of Classifieds

I do not do valet parking… so I’m used to park my car myself and walk… even if it was in a far place and during hot summer seasons!

Yesterday, I parked my car and walked to Panasonic Tower… it was quite interesting and disappointing too! I passed by this construction site with lots of classifieds!

I stood at so many classified ads just to read the content! (You can click on images to enlarge)

“Need in Driwer”? I’m sure they meant “Driver” πŸ˜›

Can anyone translate this to English?

The guy in the yellow tee followed me around a bit… I knew it was time to quit taking pictures πŸ˜› Or maybe he was just curious why I was taking pictures?!

Now that we are done with the “Interesting” part… here is the “Disappointing” one πŸ™ That lane/way was full of trash! It was really bad πŸ™ Check out this water fountain – donated by the late Mishari Al-(something glued and ripped off that the last name does not show anymore)! I mean it is supposed to be used to let passers-by drink and benefit from it πŸ™ Aren’t they suppose to take care of such things and do periodic checks or something?

Trash everywhere πŸ™




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