Thank You @TheManhattan

I was chillaxing at home after a long day…. when I received this goody bag from The Manhattan Store!

I thought to myself… what’s the occasion? Did I order something subconsciously! Then I saw a note on the bill explaining that they read my post of Day 18 of the Photo Challenge and decided to gift me a couple of things; Tatcha Japanese Blotting Sheets and BootyWrap – just for them to hear my honest opinion about it whether its good or bad! It was just a pure no-reason-gift!

I called Wendy up to thank her myself and she said she just want my opinion about them <3

Oh and check out the size of those blotting papers! They are pretty big – bigger than the blotting papers we see 😉 They’re 100% natural and with gold flakes too!

Thank you so much Wendy and the whole The Manhattan Team 😉 I loved the gesture more than anything else and will sure update you with my feedback 😀

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