Spice Club for Futoor

My mom, two of my sisters (Fulla & Mimmi), our friend Alaa, and I all decided to have futoor at The Spice Club in 360 Mall. We are planning to fast all the first 9 days of Thu Al Hujjah and went out for futoor for a change 😉

At the time we arrived, the place was not crowded… so we managed to get a table – although the staff were slow, the manager (Mr. Waleed) made sure we get in as fast as possible and kept calling to check if everything went okay with us. We all sat and flipped through the menu to place orders

One of the yummy crunches I enjoy at Indian restaurants is their complimentary papardam and dipping sauces

Check out how the sauces resembles the Indian flag – colorwise 😉 Nice

In between this and the time for our food to arrive we were joined with my other sister Nuna who came in with Zayoon! They stayed in for a quick-10-mins hello before they went shopping around

Anyways… because we were fasting, I could not take pictures of everyone’s order but I tried my best… I ordered salted lassi for drink, butter chicken for my main course, and shared my jeera rice with Alaa (Mathai suggested that in my previous review of the restaurant: “when dining at Indian restaurants always keep in mind that one rice dish is enough for two people, especially when you order naans”)

As you can see we were five, so we ordered three kinds of rice; jeera, plain basmati, and vegetable biryani

Plus naans 😉

Thats my butter chicken… big chunks of chicken swimming in creamy buttery rich sauce! Perfect with the jeera rice. I asked for medium spicy and it was done perfectly to my taste and order

I had to leave early for a quick meeting in the city and missed out on dropping by the Beauty Spot Expo – which my family loved and enjoyed so much (but you can read more about it -with pictures 😉 – on my friend’s Pink Girl Blog here)


On my way to Kuwait City, my sister Mimmi called to tell me that the restaurant did not allow them to pay a penny! I was speechless! She said my mom tried to pay, they tried to pay, but the restaurant would not take anything and said it was all on the house! How nice!! I am touched.


Special thanks to Mr. Waleed for the generous gesture! I am speechless!!! Thanks a million 😀 (and thank you Mr. Mazen AlEssa)

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