PQ with Um3azoz & Shushu

After my not-so-nice experience at the newly opened PQ at Avenues I went again, but to the Marina Crescent branch with my friends @Um3azoz  & Shushu! I decided to have the exact same order of my last visit

Hot coco in their bowl-like-mug and the same open face sandwich with chickpeas and avocado spread + turkey!

Hot coco was yummy as ever 😉 I believe the mug makes up for half of the enjoyment + the nice weather + the fabulous company 😉

They served turkey slices on top instead of shreds… like that look better 😉 And I got a spicy sauce on the side this time!


Food and service were good as usual – I enjoyed it very much 😉 So I guess I will be giving The Avenues branch another go, but not soon! As I am enjoying the outdoors more these days 😉

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