Pierre Marcolini: Important Message

Nothing travel faster than light but gossip/rumors! A lot of people already heard about many restaurants/food retailers shutting down lately because of expired food or certain food ingredients, but what is really going on? We also know how the “SYSTEM” here work sometimes… the kind that goes “My way or the highway”!


I received this email from Pierre Marcolini and wanted to share it with you all (its not my own writing – so as received)

Somebody, whose identity has not been revealed, has accused Pierre Marcolini Chocolate of selling products containing alcohol.

Two independent analyses of the same product conducted in Belgium and in Kuwait have proved that the incriminated products contain NO ALCOHOL.

When importing our products, samples are systematically provided to the Authorities for analysis. Products made for the Kuwaiti market, independent of the products sold in Europe, are made sure to contain no alcohol.

Despite our denegation and the negative test results we have been accused of illicit selling of alcohol and our shop is temporary closed.

We, at Pierre Marcolini Kuwait, are honest and hard working persons and we do all possible efforts to provide you with the best possible product and the best possible service.

We respect the laws to this country and would never engage in illegal action. We treat you as valuable customers and friends.

We ask for your understanding and support in these difficult times. We will fight for our rights and the recognition of our innocence.

‎اللهم من أراد بنا سؤ فرده عليه وأشغله بنفسه ، لقد ادعت امرأة ( اللهم اعوذ من حاسد اذا حسد ) بان محلنا بيير ماركوليني للشوكلاة يبيع شوكلاة بالكحول ، اعوذ بالله من هذا الادعاء وطبعا بواسطة ودفع الرشاوي للذين لا يخافون الله جل جلاله تم لها ما ادعت وتم اغلاغ المحل حتى بعد اثبات خلو الشوكلاة مما ادعت وعلى هذا ايضا قامت بنشر ادعائها في شركة للمسجات لتلصق التهمه لكن نحن لن نسكت و سنفضح كل مكائدهم واللهم اجعل تدبيرهم في تدميرهم


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