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I was SHOCKED to see this picture being used in a newspaper ad… claimed by someone as theirs when it’s really for Elevados!

Here is the original picture

How can people just take someone else’s work/effort and claim it as theirs this way! I mean Elevados surely took time to come up with this picture from a photo-shoot! Paying models, photographers, makeup artists, hairstylists, and taking the time to design the caftan and all… not to mention the time spent to have this picture as an end result!!


الاعلان بالجريدة (الصورة الأولى) استخدم صوره تخص موقع


على أساس انها لهم و من تصميمهم

يعني بوق أشكره عيني عينك

تستخدم صوره ومن تصميم غيرها على اساس ان تصميمها و بكل بساطة ولا اكتراث للوقت والجهد المبذول من صاحبة الصورة الأصلية


Elevados owner has sent me this:

اتصلت علي الاخت واعتذرت على سوء الفهم وان المشكلة كانت من مصمم الاعلان وابلغتني انها ليس لها علم بان الصورة تابعة لي # شكرا لج اخت فاطمة


Which basically translates to: The lady from Dar Fatma called Elevados owner and apologized for the incident and explained that it was all a misunderstanding and it was the designer’s mistake, in which he used the picture without her knowing about it


Nice gesture from Fatma 🙂

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