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اليوم عندي لكم مسابقة وثلاث جوائز (للبنات والسيدات فقط) و هي عبارة عن هدايا من نيلز أند كو

الأسئلة موجود بالبوست وأول ثلاث اجابات صحيحة منكم راح يحصلون قسائم هدايا منهم

حظا سعيدا للجميع

My friend FHH contacted me to see if I was willing to review a new Nail Salon. I was clear about how I’m loyal to Nail It but they really wanted me just to visit and see the place and try a service there 😉 What I loved about the owners, Dr. Dalia and Dr. Basma, is their open minds! They did not want to pressure me in any way and we came to an agreement that I try something different at their nail spa, which is the foot hot stone massage 😉 Fair enough since I have been looking for a salon or a spa that does this service only by its own… but even Spa Time said it has to be full body hot stone massage! SO YAY FOR ME!!! Found the place that does hot stone massage for the foot as a service by its own 😉 Enough said… lets go check the place out 😀

The spa is located in the basement of Al Nassar Tower (the one near Sheraton Hotel) and it occupies an L-Shape space there… on one of the walls you can see signatures on stars for the first 72 customers of Nails & Co… on the other side is a mini studio with a red carpet for those who love snapping pics… just for fun I mean 😉

That’s their main door… to the spa, come on and open the door now… check out those happy faces welcoming you 😀

So now you see… its called Nails & Co. inspired by Tiffany & Co. specially the tiffany blue color 😉

Seats are all facing the same directions with 3D decorative tiffany blue wall behind’em… almost everything else is super white!

The cashier area… very neatly organized with minimal classy decorative stuff – simple 😉 Less is more <3

Very funny notes (click on image to enlarge) and the timings below are of famous fashion complexes/department stores 😉

So you see… its not just about Tiffany inspiration! Its also about Hollywood and fashion  😉 Style and glamour too!

They have a range of nail polishes of different brands and colors

There is also a seating for two (different style for mani/pedi station) – I guess its for those who wanna sit and talk while doing their treatments

Moving on to the other end

A private room for special events… its decorated almost exactly the same but in B&W

With a center stage, on top of which is a HUGE nail polish! Say hello to their staff members here 😉

So I went to check their service menu out for you my readers 😉

The names picked are so fitting with the whole theme! I flipped through some of’em…. Breakfast at Nails & Co

Oscar Night Package

Hollywood Glamour Package

K-Town Special… a seasonal one that changes

I asked them what was the special for the time being and it was placed on the cashier’s desk! Lemon Grass with lots of good stuff! Felt like a spa…

I went ohh and ahhh… so they asked me to have a scrub before my hot stone massage with it… I mean how sweet can they be! Knowing how much I am loyal to my nail spa, being so understanding about it, and offering me this! I was touched and I said sure.. why not 😉

But before pampering time starts….

A snack bar visit must be paid 😉 Check out the art work on the wall… nails, colored nails, all running around 😉

Their signature treats of Madame Sucre 😉 a blue cupcake with white frosting and blue ribbon

And pink ones with pink ribbon for October 😉

Apply PINK nail polish in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month and get 10 min foot massage for free 😉

Now I know I said I will only do foot massage, but there is no harm in changing my nail polish color to fit in with the theme of the place, right? 😉 I was taken by the tiffany blue color so I picked those polishes along with Dalia..

And my yummy treats… those crackers are so good 😉

I was served by Adel, Mary Ann, and Rina… yeah I felt like a Hollywood star with those ladies scrubbing and all… then Rina did my foot massage 😀 But I went on a dead time and they knew I couldnt stay for long so thank you again ladies 😉

My hot stones… the treatment was so relaxing and I wanted to sleep right after I was done… the temperature of the stones was perfect… and I had pain in my legs, so perfect timing! She asked me a couple of times if she can go harder with the massage and if the temperature was tolerable…

As for the nail polish I ended up with… Turquoise from essie 😉

Thank you Dr. Basma and Dr. Dalia for the amazing time and for being so sweet about it all! I really appreciate it. Those ladies told me that they sterilize their equipment in a medical autoclave and its super clean and hygienic 😀 That’s good to know 😉 If you plan to book a service/treatment with them call them on 22258100/01 – you can also follow them on twitter @NailsANDcoSpa for more info and updates…


الحين وقت الأسئلة

*أنا قلت انهم دكاترة بس ما حددت دكاترة شنو… أبيكم انتم تجاوبون*

*أبي منكم بعد تقولون لي وين فرعهم الثاني… بأي منطقة*

اول ثلاث يجاوبون صح على السؤالين اللي فوق راح يفوزون معاي بقسائم هدايا من نيلز أند كو. الرجاء ترك الايميل الصحيح للتواصل معكم عند المشاركة و راح يكون عندنا فائز واحد من كل بيت

IP Addresses Will Be Checked 😉


Answers will be closed at 11:3oPM – and will announce winners soon-after 🙂 Stay tuned

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