Mandarin Mart

Mandarin Mart is a small convenient store *or we can call it an upper scale baqalah* tucked in Nafea Ibn AlAzraq St in Al Shaab

I have few errands here and there in Al Shaab area, and I pass by this convenient store/mart every now and then to get a bottle of water, Arizona Iced Tea, magazines, gum…. etc.

Its pretty cool, small, and cozy! They have newspaper stand and magazines.. bread rolls, cosmetics, sauces, chocolates, candies, gum, drinks…. you name it

Its very clean too… and inviting! I still remember the first time I got in, because I was curious to what they sell

I wish they open several branches all over town… or even have them open up in gas stations too! Would love to see such mini marts in Kuwait, clean, spacious (although small in space), and with a variety of items to pick from!

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