Life is Precious

I’m a BIG supporter of the breast cancer awareness month! My life has been touched few times by people close to me in this battle of fighting breast cancer!

A couple of days ago, I received information about Hayatt and Ghalia Club Campaign together – Life is Precious – (read my previous post about supporters here) and wanted to share it with you all šŸ™‚

Thanks Hind šŸ˜‰

On the occasion of the World Breast Cancer Awareness Month,Ā “Hayatt” and “Ghalia”ClubĀ launch breast cancer “Life is Precious” charity campaign

Roqaya Abdul Wahab Al Qatami Breast Cancer Association and in collaboration with Ghalia Club, a social woman-oriented initiative by Global Investment House, announced today the launch of an awareness and fund raising campaign in favor of the patients of breast cancer this month under the motto “Life is Valuable”. The campaign ceremonies will end with a charity dinner to be held on Wednesday 26 October 2011 at Sheraton Kuwait, and hosted by the Egyptian singer Amal Maher.


This was announced during a press conference held today Sunday 2 October 2011 at Global Tower and attended by Mrs. Laila Abdullah Thanyan Al Ghanem, Chairperson of “Hayatt” and Mrs. Maha Khaled Al- Ghunaim, Head of the Advisory Board of “Ghalia Club”, as well as members of Roqaya Abdul Wahab Al Qatami Breast Cancer Association and Ghalia Club.


On this occasion, Mrs. Al Ghanem said: “We are launching this campaign in collaboration with “Ghalia Club” this month which coincides with the World Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The campaign aims to create awareness among women on the breast cancer and urge them to undergo regular examinations for early detection, which is a key factor in the treatment of such disease.”


“We will cooperate with the Ministry of Health to initiate the breast cancer early examination program which will, in turn, protect the women from one of the most popular and death-causing diseases. In addition, donations will be collected to cover the treatment of our resident sisters, who can not afford the costs of the treatment which ranges from KWD 20,000 to 25,000. The campaign will end with a charity dinner to be held on Wednesday 26 October 2011 Sheraton Kuwait, the proceeds of which will be allocated to this noble cause,” She added.

From her side, Mrs. Al-Ghunaim said: “Ghalia Club contribution in this initiative is due to the noble cause for which it was launched, i.e. the empowerment of woman and increase her awareness in all aspects of life being it economic, political, social or even health awareness. Thus, the idea of launching the campaign is originated to spread awareness among women about one of the most popular womanly and death-causing diseases. It has been found out that the awareness increases the success of cancer treatment by 50% and reduces the danger of exposure thereto by 25 percent.”


She added: “Despite the studies which shows that the world percentage of this disease is higher than its percentage in Kuwait, the mortality in Kuwait is higher than the world mortality due to the detection of the disease at later stages as a result of lack of awareness. Therefore, the establishment of this center specialized in early detection of breast cancer becomes important, as it contributes in lowering the possibility of death and increases the possibility of full recovery to more than 90 percent.”


She assured that Global, through Ghalia Club, will not save efforts in rendering any services to the community in order to enhance the level of awareness particularly among women given its belief in the women’s role in the society.”


Mrs. Al-Ghunaim pointed out that Kuwait is the most advanced Gulf country in terms of improvement of the woman position and equality between both genders. The history of democracy in Kuwait, the deep-rooted political rights of the Kuwaiti women, their participation in the Parliament and the Government and occupation of important positions in the State stands as a proof for that. As for the social contributions, she assured that the Kuwaiti women contribute with a distinguished role in the social development in the Kuwaiti society, as they have established civil, vocational and cultural associations in addition to the specialized humanitarian associations.


Mrs. Al-Ghanem concluded her speech thanking all the sponsors for their support of this campaign and in particular Ali Abdul Wahab and Sons Company and Roche for their unlimited contributions in providing treatment to the cancer patients, and Bader Sultan Company for their support through providing the breast cancer early detection device,Wataniya telecom , Kipko Group , Royal hayat as the medical partnerĀ  in addition to the media sponsors.


For more information on the latest developments of this campaign, please visit Ghalia websiteĀĀ Ā or the social communication websites on Facebook page: GhaliaClub – Twitter @GhaliahubĀ – YouTube (link)

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