Ladurée, Office, Central Kitchen, & Tea Time

I was lucky enough to get a taste of Ladurée’s tea time with my fellow blogerettes (7ajiDude, PinkGirl, & Danderma) and then the grand tour of Ladurée’s Main Office and Central Kitchen 😉 But I thought of posting the pictures the other way around for you to see the work and effort done before the end result 😉

At the Head Office, I met with the amazing Miriam 😉 Who was happy to share with me some insider info that I would rather keep most of it *hush hush* for now but will share some with you! Like the ice cream cart above that you will see soon in Kuwait 😉 and a glimpse of some new items printed on the menu

Here is chef Mohammed Ali preparing a green Marie-Antoinette cake (The cake design is inspired by Marie-Antoinette’s wedding dress)

Check how they are strict with the guidelines… the lower cake (the base one) is always of different color and is made of sugar coating… unlike the top layers which are covered with marzipan! And it comes only in certain colors (cannot customize it to your preferred shade) – very French way I guess 😉 The cake also come in different sizes, from individuals to big wedding cake 🙂


And I couldnt help but remember the poster of Marie-Antoinette Movie

I was impressed of how much they pay attention to details in all their pieces! Their desserts are almost 100% identical… check out this chocolate dessert squares, I caught them in the moment where they were putting on the edible gold papers on top

They were also making ice cream out of scratch 😀 Yes of course!! I had a bite 😛

Ladurée’s own rose flavored ice cream – yummmm

Then a BIG batch of Ispahan Ind and Divin Ind came in… the lady there was precise in picking up the ones that were almost identical, sending the rest back to see what they can do with them to fix whatever visible defect in’em

Working on the pieces one by one…. to top’em up with raspberries and rose petals

Et Voila 😉

Oh la la.. chocolate!

To melt’em and make those 😉

Now let’s go to the store at 360Mall 😉 shall we?

People mostly associate the macaroons arrangement in a cone shape 😉 but you can see it in form of cube here 😉

The store is designed in a way that gives you a feel of the one in Paris (link) same colors and arrangement

Selection of confitures (jams)

Fancy-packaged teas

Packaging, packaging, and more packaging <3

And more things to buy

And macaroons! Many many kinds/flavors

The nice store sales lady explaining all different kinds of desserts, flavors, and more

Ohhh those are the desserts you saw them preparing in the central kitchen 😉

And off we go to the cafe 😉 Marie-Antoinette cake prepared JUST for us girls 😀

The lower layer again is of a different shade and texture 😉

Each one of us browsed through the menu to pick her drink – I went with jasmine tea

Everything else was previously prepared for us – lots of ice cream flavors to try

I got my tea with a macaroon (fig and dates flavor)

And my slice is here 😉 That was one interesting cake

berries, nougat, meringue, and more within its layers – so good!

And here is Chef Arno with Marie-Antoinette Le Wedding Cake

And when we left…. each one of us left with a goody bag 😉

Neatly packaged – very Ladurée-esque

And that’s what inside’em

This jar of goodness will have a post of its own 😉 Stay tuned

Ladurée Shop and Cafe is located in 360 Mall – Ground Level


Thank You Miriam for having us 😀 We had a super great time 😀

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