Kuwait 36th Book Fair

I passed by the book fair the other night with my cousin Bubarrak and his friend Ahmed. They have a tradition to go to the book fair every year together, check out the expo and then head to McDonald’s for dinner… which must must must include Apple Pie a la Mode 😉 I was happy to join in this year with them

The place was packed.. and I am still recovering from my stomach flu (I tweeted about how sick I was last week) so I did not enjoy it much

Hall 5 was apparently for GCC published books, Hall 6 was for Arab published ones, and Hall 7 was for kids…

I was disappointed… I expect such events to be better with better ventilation! The smell was bad and my cousin suggested we leave so I don’t get worse since my immune system is still down. I mean I would love to go again on a more relaxed hour and less people… but come on! Whats up with that bad smell :S

On the bright side… it looks like they will be renovating the whole thing and it looks really nice 🙂

And off we go to McDonald’s for their tradition

BuBarrak’s Apple Pie a la Mode

One thing I didnt know about McDonald’s paper mats

Is that when you flip’em over you get all the nutritional information… BuBarrak told me that this isn’t new… and ever since their reputation was affected by Super Size me… the Super Size does not exist any more and their choices of words are all changed to other ones

Anyways… those are the books that I got

The Book Fair is still on and will open today at 4:00PM… tomorrow they are open full day I believe and its their last day (a day to bargain I assume 😉 just a tip)


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