Helmi El Touni Exhibition

I was invited to attend the opening of Helmi El Touni Exhibition in Gallery Al Tilal on Monday, but I missed it and went yesterday

I went with my favorite cousin Noufa and we both loved it! Helmi El Touni is famous for his folkloric art style… so it was very colorful and fun to browse. Too bad I didnt get to meet him in person (I went a bit early)

I have snapped various zoomed-out pictures of the gallery… later on in this post I will be zooming in some paintings and collections too!

The exhibition is called Helmi El Touni – معرض المقتنيات الكويتية الخاصة – Special Collectibles in Kuwait

Now into the details… those are from an exhibition called “Pretty Faces in Pretty Times” – معرض وجوه جميلة في زمن جميل   – back in 1998 – Cairo. The paintings are of many faces such as the local girl, Om Kalthoum, and Princess Fawziya

Most pictures are for show only… but only a few of which were exhibited for sale, such as this one below

The ones below are of a 1997 exhibition in Cairo called “Hoopoe Message” – رسالة الهدهد  –

Loved this one from this collection

This collection below is called “Beauty & The Beast” – الجميلة والوحش  –

This picture on the floor grabbed my attention

“Auntie Moudhi” – العمه موضي –

This painting below made me stand in front of it for a while! I liked it. It is from “A Tribute to the Coptic Art” – تحية إلى الفن القطبي – I really wished the artist was there to explain it to me or hear out what I thought it meant!

This is called the “Exit” – الخروج – from an exhibition in 2009 called “Nafartari and Sisters” – نفرتاري و أخواتها –

A couple of more pictures from that same exhibition


Another painting that is on sale in this exhibition is the one below…

Noufa’s favorite (also this piece is available for sale) – musical instrument heads! Quite interesting!!

I’ve noticed many pictures have fish, or fish bones in’em!

If you have time, pass by the exhibition today and/or tomorrow

They will be available till October 20th 2011 from 10:00AM to 2:00PM and from 5:30PM to 9:30PM – Tel: 22256101

Helmi Abdulhameed ElTouni – حلمي عبدالحميد التوني – is a true artist, and I would love to meet him in person… that’s why I may try to drop by again to talk to him in general and have a tour inside the gallery again – you can read more about him here (link) Oh, and did I mention he is a Taurus too? 😉

I am happy that I have a couple of items designed by him… a reusable bag from greensac above (the orange ones) and the specially designed bag “Egypt for its People” – مصر لكل أهلها – below


Thank you NouraG. for the invitation 😉 I really loved it

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