@Gulf_Bank with Abdullah AlRuwaished & 500K

Last Thursday I was invited by Gulf Bank Marketing Team to attend Al Danah KD500,000 Draw with Abdullah AlRuwaished and Marina FM’s Diwaniya Team

I was guided inside to a reserved seat… I was sitting next to Mrs. Noriya AlFarhan – very sweet lady with lots of nice things to say 😉

The place was getting crowded more and more… by the minute 😉 Everyone wanted to see or have a glimpse of Abdullah AlRuwaished 🙂 The bank customers, employees, passer-by peeps!

Here is the glamorous Mrs. Ebtihaj AlRoomi talking to Abdullah AlRuwaished before they go on air

As for Abdullah AlRuwaished he was so down to earth and tried his best to make eye contact with everyone, smiling and talking to the crowd

The time was getting close to 1:00PM – the time for Diwaniya program on Marina FM

Oh the amazing and talented Stefanie team was there to cover the event and broadcast it LIVE to the Gulf Bank head office 😉 One of my friends who work there actually messaged me (Fattooma 😉 Hi!)

And it’s 1:00PM – We are now on AIR 🙂 The question discussed was how can you spend KD500K in two hours only – no real estate investment (that what I would spend it on if I had to in two hours time)

It was funny how Abdullah AlRuwaished was trying hard to find the way to spend it all… he said his best bet would be real estate but played along and said so many things… he also got comments from the audience on how to spend the money

Iftikhar jumped in… that was hilarious! Its the first time I see him live, but he had his glasses on the whole time

Then Abdullah AlRuwaished read some info to the audience

Then it was Ms. Hadeel AlFadli turn to give in some info on investment and business in general

The floor was given to the audience… and AlRuwaished was all ears and smiles listening to different opinions and views


This is Dr. Yahya AlSarraf from Kuwait University! He wanted the money to be used in improving education and education tools! Very thoughtful! He was also sitting next to us and he was super sweet and polite.

Some random guy talking about how he would spend it all in two hours

Jacquie trying to capture it from her iPhone – the iProducts addict 😉

 And the moment of truth is approaching

Oh by the way… in case you’re wondering how Iftikhar look like minus the shades

Ta Da… here you go 😉

Anyways… back to the draw, and we are one click away from knowing the winner of the KD500,000

And click…. just check out the expressions of those watching closely!


After the winner name was announced… lots of food, canapes, desserts trays were passed around

As Abdullah AlRuwaished was getting up to sign the big check… it got all crowded! Everyone wanted a picture with him, an autograph, or just talk to him

This is a phone of a very sweet and beautiful young fan of Abdullah AlRuwaished… I asked her to wave it at me so I can snap a pic 😉

Special thanks goes to Mr. Meshal AlWatari – the gentleman who invited me to the event 🙂 Thank you Meshal 😀

And a BIG thank you to Gulf Bank for their sweet gift and thank you letter 🙂 Very nice gesture – and thanks for the signed CD of AlRuwaished new album 😀

P0ach has the CD on repeat since Thursday 😉 and it was also nice to see FKE there 😉

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