Caribou with Dana

A couple of days ago, Dana passed by my place to give me the last pieces of my set (link) LOVE this girl by the way… we decided to go out for coffee, and headed to Caribou – Salhiya Branch

I couldn’t help but notice that they are serving sandwiches, salads, and desserts from Diet Care (nice move)

Their bottled water is branded with their new logo, although the cafe itself have the old logo from the outside

Oh and if you have been following me, you know how much I like to answer Caribou’s Trivia! This one reads “Which animal has been known to smell a seal up to 20 miles away?” – I said “Polar Bear?” and got my 100 fils off 😛 I went again yesterday on my lunch break and the trivia question was still up and got 100 fils off again 😛


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